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The school places high importance of developing all round learning beyond academics through its year long co curricular activities which are aimed at bringing out and nurturing the various talents of our students, be it through sports, arts,music or dance.


Some of the Activities planned during the year are:

Earth Day

Every year the Earth Day celebrations  mark the beginning of the activity calendar for the primary wing. It is celebrated with much fanfare and enthusiasm on 22nd April which is the International Earth Day. 


Various activities based on the theme of 'reduce, re-use and recycle' are organized which are aimed at enhancing the awareness in the young minds of our students about the importance of taking care of our natural resources of the Earth. Parents too participate in their own special way by adding their creative touch.

Mindful Moppets

‘Manners maketh a man' is a famous proverb, and we at NDPS Sharjah in our own way try to groom our kids by organizing a day dedicated to the virtues of good manners and social interactions . The importance of words such as 'please', 'thank you' and' sorry' is emphasized.


Children are also taught the virtue of being sensitive to the needs of others underlining the fact that being greedy also translates to bad manners. The activities bring out the best in every child.

Enviornment Day

The ‘Paperless Pause ’ is organized every year on June 5th to celebrate the  World Environment Day. 


Every individual at school right from Headmistress, Supervisors, Teachers, Administrative staff  and even the help staff consciously and actively participate, contribute and promote awareness about conservation of paper. Children enjoy a day of learning without using paper. Teaching goes on as usual but without the use of paper. Teachers use innovative methods and mediums to make the lessons interesting and meaningful. 


A unique and effective way of creating environment consciousness in our little ones!

Sports Day

Keeping in mind the fact that a fit child is more likely to be well-rested and mentally sharp, at NDPS, much stress is laid on physical education.  


Sports Gala is a fun filled day organized every year for the kids. Various games and fun races are organized around a socially relevant theme for the little ones. The efforts of the children are recognized by awarding them with medals.

National Pride

The children celebrate and rejoice in being a part of two great nations -the UAE  and India. 


2nd December, National Day, ,is enthusiastically  celebrated as is the 26th of  January India’s Republic day.


Children showcase the culture- dress, food, dance and music during these celebrations. They also learn about the various contributions of the great leaders of both the  countries.

Annual Event

NDPS Sharjah truly follows the motto of 'learning with a difference'. We do believe in giving an opportunity to each and every child of the school to showcase their talent. Each class every year organizes an annual event which is attended enthusiastically by the parents of that grade. Our annual days are indeed different as they are not only giving a child an opportunity to perform in front of an audience, but they are also related to what they are learning at school.

Interhouse Competition

Each student of Grades III, IV and V is allocated to one of the four houses. Various Inter- House Competitions are organized in which students compete at various levels according to their choice. The finals of all the competitions are held as a week-long celebration.


Auditions for participation are held in various categories such as music- instrumental and vocal, dance, Ad making, science projects, declamation, quiz etc. Besides this, children also compete in games like basketball, cricket, badminton and sports like athletics and swimming.


The competitions foster a healthy spirit of sportsman ship. 


We are blessed to have a very efficient team of ancillary staff team that works for the school round the clock. Each ancillary staff member is dedicated to the job and collectively works as a family. We at school sincerely appreciate their efforts by organizing an 'Appreciation Day'. Students in their own special way say 'thank you' to their 'uncles' and 'aunties' as they are called by them in school. Small tokens of appreciation and cards are gifted to them.