Safety & Security

At NDPS the health, safety and welfare of our students, staff and parents are of paramount importance. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have introduced enhanced cleaning procedures and protocols to ensure the safety and welfare of all the children in our care. We follow each protocol laid by the MOH and SPEA guidelines, so you can be assured that our operational practices ensure a school environment that is safe and secure for each child.  


School has a fully equipped clinic with trained and certified medical staff. The clinic runs in accordance to the regulations laid by the health authorities and also monitors the health status of all children.


  • CCTV surveillance on campus
  • RFID security cards for students
  • Biometric system for student identification


Each student is given a unique ID card (RFID – Radio Frequency Identity Card) which is mandate for them to wear from the time they board the bus and up to the time they leave the bus. The students ID card gets activated in the bus and in the complete school area.


CCTV surveillance has been incorporated in all corridors, areas which are seldom used and in open areas and is monitored. This is to ensure the security and safety of students.

Cyber Security

The school is committed to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of all students and staff. NDPS believes in a whole school community approach to online safety, engaging all school stakeholders including senior leaders, staff, students and parents.