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Sujith Simon wrote:
My daughter was studying at the NDPS till Grade 5 and now is in Grade 6 in DPS Sharjah.
Thank you for all the support you have provided for us.
Since we are very happy with the educational system at NDPS, I have now referred my family to admit their children to NDPS.
NDPS Replied:
Thank you for your kind words! It is parents like you who help us create such a wonderful partnership to ensure that we can provide world class education to our children.

Sujith Vandakooth Wrote:
All activities on the FAB day were arranged well. It was very impressive that all activities were well timed and completed on said time.
The FAB day was a chance for all parents to spend some time with others and with lovely our Kids.
We appreciate you and your team on the efforts taken to make the FAB day a grand success.

NDPS Replied;
Your kind words of appreciation have made all the effort worth it.

Prashant Shetty wrote:
I would like to appreciate your efforts, time and imagination that was put in conducting the fab day on 13 June.  We had a very good time.  
NDPS replied:
Thank you for your kind words.

Prabhat Kutty Wrote:
Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative to start "COFFEE MORNING" concept with parents. It was an amazing meet.
We really appreciate your outstanding approach to make us feel so comfortable with all your ideas being implemented for the betterment of our kids. We all are aware of the good changes happening in school and now confident to co-operate in the best possible manner. We never had to approach supervisors for any concern because of the excellent dedication of our ward's class teacher.
We really looking forward to all the positive changes in NDPS under the guidance of you and your excellent team.

NDPS replied:
Thank you, dear parent, for these extremely encouraging words.


Amiya Kumar wrote:
I would like to thank you for the wonderful idea of Coffee morning to meet each other and to discuss our issues. Such events make us a part of NDPS Family.
I have some observation to improve our NDPS Family.
The Quality of Uniforms this Academic year are very poor (Specially for Stitching and Material). 
ALMANAC was given very late this time.
NDPS Replied:
We have contacted the vendor and ensured that all damaged uniforms were replaced. We apologise on the delay of the ALMANAC this year as the vendor had a substantial delay in the delivery 


Vinu wrote:
I would like to kindly raise a concern. Yesterday, upon reaching home, Izaac jumped off the bus and could barely hold himself as he rushed home to the washroom to relieve himself. 
He said he had two washroom breaks during the day, in which he didn't have to go went back the classroom after which he finished the entire contents of his water bottle. 
May I suggest that children be sent to the washroom also before they leave for the bus in the afternoon to ensure that there are no accidents on their ride home.

NDPS replied:
Thank you for your suggestion. We do ensure that all the younger children are taken to the bathroom before they board the bus.