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Work from home during COVID-19

When stay at home orders were implemented for New York and all of us were told to work from home, we all thought this would pass in a couple of weeks and we will be back to our usual lives. That was March and now we are in September with offices closed till 2021. Staying at home for 24 hours a day for weeks when the pandemic was at its peak was a surreal experience.


These last few months have been full of changes with in-person meetings changing to zoom meetings. 

From meeting my friends and families to face timing them even though they live 20 minutes away from me. Even though at the start I felt so trapped with nowhere to go, no chance to get outdoor air or grab a coffee or go to the gym, I realized this also gave me an opportunity to do things I never had time for before.

The stay at home order allowed me to connect to my family more. I went from talking to my mom and dad once a week to every day. It is a new part of my routine that I love. Because I didn’t have to commute anymore, I was able to start home workouts and make new virtual friends through whatsapp groups. I learned how to cook and bake foods that I missed ordering.

The pandemic has been hard and stressful, probably a lot harder for people who have not been as fortunate as I have to have a job and resources around me to help me. But it has also been an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle and figure out changes I need in my life and I hope others will also use it as an opportunity to try to relax, connect with people who are important in their lives and take safety precautions to help the world be safer and better.

- Shraiya Anand

Alumni DPS, Sharjah
Senior Associate 
Pwc (Price Waterhouse cooper)

New York