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‘Travelling’ - A Great Equalizer

The “World” in the famous quote “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page" eagerly awaits to be replaced by “Universe” with flash news coming in that SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft successfully docks with ISS marking the dawn of a new age commercial space travel, breaking all travel frontiers. Another great leap for mankind.


My father, a bank officer by profession (transferable job), used to relocate across India every few years which he detested but was much enjoyed by his children. 

Frequent transfers made us adaptable and culturally sensitive and, in the process, exposed us to multiple languages and interesting cuisines of several Indian states, early in life. It was only later that I realized and appreciated how much it helped sharpen my general knowledge and strengthen my understanding of various countries and destinations.


During my professional years, I was fortunate enough to land jobs that made me travel frequently both nationally and internationally. Every trip gave me an infinite number of opportunities to network and socialize. Of the many things I learnt in my time visiting other countries, the most important was that people are generally very friendly and love to talk about their home country and culture. Making friends help us feel more connected wherever we go. Travelling widens our cultural horizon and instantaneously narrows the gap between “us” and “them,” bringing us closer as neighbours and friends.


I know of many who make a living out of their passion for travel. Some of them young and some courageous enough to leave their lucrative jobs in MNC's to start their own travel companies, freelance for clients, some who did short internships as Au Pair and several who got into travel and wildlife photography which took them around the country. A friend who went to Switzerland to learn skiing, white water rafting, and parasailing is now an internationally acclaimed instructor travelling around the world.


Travelling to new places and meeting new people is a dream for many. But travelling is an activity that requires a lot of time and money. So how one can build a successful career in it? This question is pertinent and one that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Making travelling a profession is a subjective aspect and depends solely on the qualities possessed by the person. You can either build a formal career in travel and tourism or become an entrepreneur and create a disruptive business model out of your passion for travel.


Post Covid19, when life limps back to the new-normal, industries could accelerate automation wherever possible and jobs might not be as plentiful as was, especially for the Gen-Z's. Hence, they must follow their passion and look forward to a career which encourages them to travel and see the world. There is nothing more fun than getting paid for doing what you love doing.


****** Discover Yourself and Make Dreams Come True! *******


- Mr. Abraham Isaac
VP-Sales and Marketing