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Director's Message



Welcome to NDPS Sharjah!


At Delhi Private School Sharjah, our philosophy is that Education is a partnership between the parents and the institution. It is not just enrolling the child in the best school or system, but an inherent involvement at every stage of their development in school. We all are in this partnership with a common goal and vision – to impart the best to our children in the most favorable and welcoming ambience. Together we should give them strong roots of value systems and wings to help achieve their dreams.

Principal's Message



As Principal of NDPS, it gives me great pleasure to put forth the vision and the values which form the very foundation of this beautiful institution. I also take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to visit this website which aims at providing a holistic picture of the school which is going to be second home to your child.


The New Delhi Private School is every child’s threshold to the 21st century world. The curriculum targets skill development through research-based learning and while doing so it aims at creating happy, lifelong learners....


Leaders in Making



Students who are confident, respectful, responsible citizens of the world, with the necessary tools to be successful in ...

Educational Paradigm

Macro or holistic level school is viewed as a single entity and its overall Educational Framework with its Core objectives...


05th September - Gratis

12th September - Grandparents Day

14th September - Hindi/French Day

16th September - E-Safety Day