A Typical Day

Our school follows a five day week pattern. A typical productive working day at NDPS Sharjah consists of eight periods. A refreshing break which finds its place too helps the students to rejuvenate their minds and stretch their limbs. The day includes a ‘Class teacher’s period’ which enables the students to spend valuable time and develop a bond among themselves as well as with their class teacher. It is also a period which is effectively used for assemblies, theme week activities, inter-house activities and practices for events paving the way for an effective teaching and learning time for the rest of the day.

Our Innovative Teaching Methodology

As it is said “The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another”. We at NDPS Sharjah follow the thematic and activity based teaching, learning process. The syllabus is set by the school based on the CBSE curriculum.  A syllabus that has been created in a manner that aims at fostering interest in the child so as to make learning a pleasurable experience. Students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways. Keeping this different multiple intelligence levels  in mind our dedicated and talented team of teachers emphasize on learning through hands on activities, lab work, project work, games, logical and lateral thinking activities. Cross curricular teaching also forms an integral part of the learning process which is done through appropriate hands-on learning experiences, discussions, stories, class assemblies and carefully organized field trips.

KG-I to Grade II

Here teaching goes into formal mode. The syllabus is set by the school maintaining the ethos of activity based learning. The curriculum focuses on hands-on learning through lab work, project work, games and logical and lateral thinking activities. 
Every classroom at NDPS Sharjah is a DISCOVERY CENTRE. Our children are encouraged to ask the ‘WHY’s and WHY NOT’s and that is how we learn as we teach.

Grades­ III to VI

Special, well-equipped rooms have been allocated for teaching Fine Arts to the students. French is introduced as an optional second language in Grade III giving students a choice between French and Hindi. Formal testing is introduced in grade III and by grade V the children are prepared for future formal examination processes.


The labs serve as a refreshing change from class room teaching. Each lab is equipped with state of the art interactive smart boards to make  teaching and learning an exciting and unique experience. Students visit the LAB once a week for each subject. Learning of languages is taken to a new level with our state of the art LANGUAGE LAB. 
STEM labs add a whole new perspective to learning MATH and SCIENCE. The school also has fully equipped COMPUTER LAB for students of grades I – VI.