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Dear Parents

Welcome to NDPS Sharjah!

At Delhi Private School Sharjah, our philosophy is that Education is a partnership between the parents and the institution. It is not just enrolling the child in the best school or system, but an inherent involvement at every stage of their development in school.  We all are in this partnership with a common goal and vision – to impart the best to our children in the most favorable and welcoming ambience. Together we should give them strong roots of value systems and wings to help achieve their dreams.

The vision, aim and direction of the NDPS Sharjah is firmly embedded into all systems of the school, as reflected by its parent school. We persevere to inspire our students with a passion to learn, to achieve and to succeed.  Our aim is to open doors of opportunity to the students that would pave way to success not only in education and their profession but as a conscientious global citizen. NDPS will encourage independent learning, empower students to think creatively, innovate and be responsible.  Our philosophy is to celebrate every students’ unique strengths, their diversity and encourage collaboration to create new fields of inquiry.   Our faculty in NDPS Sharjah, understands what excellence is, as they model it, celebrate it and inspire pupils to achieve it.  The high expectations of the Leadership,  for students’ behaviour and progress and for effective learning and teaching, are carefully communicated, enabling the members of the school to apply the school’s vision of excellence, in imparting the best learning, which would lead to students’ achievement.

The schools’ support for students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and opportunities for their wider personal development are very strong, which is very evident in the various activities of the students including co- curricular and extra-curricular.  Our goals and targets are great but they become achievements because of our strong partners - our parent community.  They underpin our commitment to high standards and we encourage parents to engage with us in all our school programs and contribute at all levels.  We hope that the parent fraternity will constantly support us and be our best critics so that our common vision becomes a reality. 

As the greatest philosopher of all times Aristotle said “Excellence is not an act, but a habit”, it is our sincere hope that we foster such a habit in our campus, and see young children grow to their complete potential.