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New Delhi Private School - Sharjah, is spread over 8000 square metres of land. The school has been designed to motivate and encourage students to learn. But we do not only encourage learning, we facilitate it, by providing facilities that enable students to discover and develop new competencies. We aim to provide facilities that are an integral component of conducive learning, comfortable and safe for students. Students are encouraged to be involved in sports games and activities that nurture their physical growth and development.


  • Smart Classrooms    
  • Library    
  • STEM Lab  
  • Language Lab 
  • Computer Lab 
  • Creativity Stations 
  • Enrichment Resource Centre 
  • Music Room   
  • Dance Studio  
  • Art Room   
  • Sensory Garden 
  • Clinic  
  • Canteen    
  • Infrastructure provision for BYOD(Bring your own device)


  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Soccer Field
  • Cricket Practice Nets
  • Indoor Play Areas for KG
  • Outdoor Play Area
  • Recreational Room
  • Table Tennis
  • Chess
  • Board Games
  • Yoga

Regular checks and inspections are carried out to ensure that our students have the best that is available.