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Grade 2NC

PANDEMIC POEM FOR TEACHERS...(parents perspective)

Oh Teacher! Oh Teacher!

you really are a magic maker.
Your vision has made us perceive that you have a heart of thousand mothers.

In the times of uncertainties, 

where some were struggling to download others were busy learning to upload.
Gloomy hitches & technical glitches were hidden all along the road.

But with your constant support, together like an army we were quick onboard.

Until before this pandemic we thought,
why can't educators be pro with such an easy job.
Now sitting next to our little exploring minds we understood,
that it's not so easy to stay in a Teacher’s Hood.

With no laboratory experiments and no face-to-face interactions,
To begin with, all the learning was full of doubts & confusions.

However with your constructive ideas and complete devotion,
We parents have overthrown all our apprehensions.

Days we mothers compalined, Oh! Its too much, its too much!
Not realizing that teachers too are mothers with other chores to catch up.

Now after a year full of discussions and inner evaluation,
We salute your spirit of tolerance and compassion.
For this you deserve all our esteem respect & appreciation.
And believe us its a fact we reckon.

Sakina Shoeb Saher.....

Grade 1 NF
As we have come to a beautiful and successful ending of another academic year 2020-21. I would like to congratulate and thank all the teachers of Grade 1NF, who have put in a lot of efforts to teach our children online. Thank you teachers and very well done.

I personally thank and congratulate, class teacher of Grade 1NF, Ms Deepika Kewal, who has doena brilliant job in teaching our children and put in a lot of hard work and dedication to make this year a successful one. As a class teacher, she has loved and taught every child equally. Her inspirational words has boosted a lot of confidence in her students. Ms Deepika is a wonderful tutor who knows the art of teaching. 

I would also like to than Principal Ma’am and the entire team of NDPS, Sharjah who have done their best and kept the level of teaching and other activities high even during this pandemic.
Parent of Tanvi Nambiar Grade 1

Grade 4NC
What a wonderful year it’s been !

During the pandemic, education globally has gone the extra mile and made the transition from the blackboard to online classes so that children do not miss out on their education.

While online classes are tough for children, they were equally difficult for teachers.

Management, Teachers and staff thank you all for the love, time, and long hours you invested in students, it has not gone unnoticed.  

Kindergarten 2ND
A Big Salute, ovation, congrats...… to the NDPS management, Teachers, supporting staff for making this one year so memorable & eventful. One year was filled with fun and engaged with activities. Despite of the challenges, we all stand together and shown that we can overcome the pandemic.  

Once again Big thanks to all of you in this platform for making every event so colorful and made our kids’ face with lots of smiles.... 

Keep continue the Good works and looking forward to work with you all again.

Grade 1NB
At the outset of this academic year 2020-21, when we were informed that it is going to be an online mode of teaching, all of us were worried how it was going to happen. With all the pros and cons of technology and all the tensions of how to cope with all the different apps, we have completed a year. All the teachers who taught our dear children and for the immense support that was given by each one of NDPS teachers was really commendable. With all the negativity of COVID going around, the contagious positivity and love and support that our dear class teacher of Grade 1NB Rashmeen mam was so infectious. Kids just loved and adored her love and support. Thank you Rashmeen ma’am and all the other teachers for helping our kids sail through this difficult year with lot of ease. All of you contributed immensely in shaping our kids future. Thank you once again. 

Grade 1NE
A place amongst the best
A year has gone by, it’s hard to imagine
Through all the challenges of this new road, you drove us through
Crossing every unknown bridge, you led us to the helm
Your watchful eyes, your unfailing hands, your unrelenting patience
Gathering us close, ensuring we forged ahead together as one
You kept us focused, motivated, cheerful and much more
You celebrated our achievements and guided our thoughts
Thank you Sermie Ma’am for a joyous learning journey
You undeniably hold a place amongst the best 
Raising the bar higher for the rest.

Izaac Rennie john, Grade 1NE